Large-scale, performer-specific collaborations. 

2018-2019 | Miki Sawada | A Kind of Mirror

Miki Sawada.png

A Kind of Mirror is a 25' piece for piano and electronics, written for pianist Miki Sawada. It is designed to be performed as part of her second Gather Hear season, in which she will spend 2-3 weeks each in rural West Virginia and Alaska to create live, site-specific performance pieces combining music and theater, in collaboration with actor Daniel Pettrow. 

Created with support from New Music USA.

2018.02 | Exceptet | Episodic Memory (learning to hurt)

Episodic Memory (learning to hurt) is a work in three sections that reflects the way our brains process trauma and learn from mistakes. The piece grows out of subtly shifting polyrhythms that emerge from the psychoacoustic effects of microtonal inflections of a single pitch. These rhythms are gradually picked up by the ensemble, transformed and focused, and finally gathered together in a huge, oscillating mass of sound.

Commissioned by Sarah Goldfeather and Justus Schlichting.

Premiered at Roulette Intermedium on February 8, 2018, by Exceptet: Chuck Furlong, clarinets; Sarah Goldfeather, violin; Evan Honse, trumpet; Daniel Linden, trombone; Allison Nicotera, bassoon; Eleonore Oppenheim, bass; David Stevens, percussion.

2017.06 | DITHER | Dynamics of Vanishing Bodies

Dynamics of Vanishing Bodies is about forces exerted on us by objects and people that are not physically present. It is built around five ‘missing’ musical elements, which are perceived by the ear and brain but not directly articulated by the performers. These elements, created via a combination of psychoacoustics, extended techniques, and technology, act as singularities around which the rest of the music orbits. 

Created with support from the Jerome Foundation for New Music and Roulette Intermedium.

Premiered at Roulette Intermedium on June 20, 2017, by Dither: James Moore, Josh Lopes, Brett Parnell, and Brendon Randall-Myers, guitars.